VigRX Delay Spray In Islamabad Pakistan

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VigRX Delay Spray In Islamabad Pakistan

At its core, the VigRx delay spray formula is little more than a simple spritz that you apply directly to your body to topically numb your penis before you get hot and heavy with your partner.

We are talking about a spritz that isn’t just going to help you desensitize sex for you (far more effectively than clunky condoms can), but a spritz that’s also going to have the added benefit of helping you enjoy harder, stronger, and more intense erections at the same time.

This is totally life changing stuff we are touching on here, the kind of proprietary formula that uses already proven to be effective ingredients to give you these topical numbing benefits without subjecting you to horrific side effects regardless of whether or not you use this spray one time, dozen times, or every single time you slide into bed with a partner from here on out.

Never again are you going to have to worry about apologizing for not being able to last a little longer, for cheating someone that you really wanted to give a good time out of the fun and pleasure of a little longer-lasting sex.

No, VigRx delay spray isn’t going to turn you into some sort of sexual superstar overnight (moves are not included) but it’s definitely going to help you last a lot longer than you were before – and with success being 99% just showing up your definitely going to be in better shape.

What are the VigRx Delay Spray Active Ingredients?

The company behind VigRx delay spray is called Leading Edge Health, and organization that produces high-quality supplements and health boosting products made from powerful and proven ingredients.

VigRx delay spray itself is made in a totally CGMP certified laboratory that adheres to the strictest and most stringent of production and safety regulations, regulations that go far above and beyond what is required of this producer but is a big part of why VigRx enjoys such a skyhigh reputation in the male sexual enhancement industry.

This company is also committed to using only the highest quality ingredients available, with cornerstone ingredient benzocaine doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to numbing your penis ahead of sex.

This foundational ingredient is a popular over-the-counter pain reliever and topical numbing agent, a solution that has been designed specifically to provide temporary numbing properties without having to seek out a prescription ahead of time.

First synthesized in the late 1800s and then approved for medical use in 1902, there’s more than 100+ years of research confirming that benzocaine is able to “deliver the goods” when it comes to numbing your body so that you last longer when you’re having sex.

Best of all, the odds of you having to worry about any side effects whatsoever when using VigRx delay spray are slim to none thanks to the patented delivery mechanism and the “carrier ingredients” (nonactive ingredients) that help make this product so highly bioavailable.

You will rapidly absorbed this spray directly into your skin and bloodstream, delivering the payload of benefits it brings to the table almost straightaway, and won’t have to worry about numbing your partner if you get down to business to quickly after spraying yourself, too.

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